Adam Tengblad

AI - Beyond the Hype

Ever since the first machine was constructed the prospect of machines being self guided or becoming intelligent has fascinated and frightened us. In popular culture there are numerous examples of robots and machines guided by artificial intelligence (AI)both helping and harming us.On the market and in the industry today the technology development pace is relentless and companies are spending tremendous amounts of money in order to not miss out on thefuture profits that AI promises. Although many applications earlier thought of as Science Fiction are now reality, what will be the true long lasting value when the hype is over?

In this talk thoughts will presented about AI from an industrialist's perspective. Following questions will be explored: Why is there such a hype? Why is it happening now? What can the technology be used for? What will be the long term value?

Adam Tengblad has more than 20 years industrial experience from intenational management of technology in different domains. He has been active in industries such as autonomous systems for outdoor robotics, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for traffic and smart cities, live and virtual simulation from defence industry and software development for geographical information systems.