Saga Arvidsdotter

Saga is a startup advisor, blockchain engineer and interdisciplinary artist. After founding and participating in startup projects for six years, she currently travels the world to teach about blockchain technology as a tool for defining the future of value. This year she became a world champion by consecutively winning 4 of the biggest blockchain hackathons with different teams for each one, ETH Denver, ETH New York, ETH Berlin and dHack.

Tech background includes building a dApp for artist Imogen Heap and Mycelia, becoming a certified blockchain developer by ConsenSys, teaching app development, studying Computer Science & Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and winning a Women In Tech Student of Vision Award for her unique vision and initiative of making a difference in tech. In the arts she was Head of Entertainment for the Nobel Prize Afterparty, a dancing Semi-Finalist in Sweden’s Got Talent and student of Electronic Music Production at SAE Institute.

Saga will give an introduction to the multiple perspectives blockchain consists of, by going through example uses cases she has built.